Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessings of being old

NO, MissDazey doesn't drive

  Mr. Bruce was able to renew our handicap license plates this morning. I am so happy that I cried. And gave him a big hug; bless his heart, he is 75 years old and today we are both glad. Here is the rest of the story: 
  Three years ago we finally got handicap parking tags for the car. At that time I got the form filled out and signed by a doctor, this paper was good for 3 years. However, the 3 years is up and I no longer go to a doctor. I have worried and fretted for months that we could no longer park in the marked spaces. 
   Mr. Bruce was also concerned. He is always happy to let me out at the door, but getting to park closer to a business is so much easier. So for a month now we both fretted. He waited until the last week to renew the tags, very unlike him.
   He came in from his errands earlier grinning from ear to ear. He said, "When I gave the girl my papers she asked how old I am. I said 75. She replied, then you are exempt from needing a doctor's form." 
   Hurrah for being older!  
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