Thursday, September 15, 2011

Belated Birthday Trip

Happy Birthday Shirley
   Shirley's birthday is actually in April, but we did her official birthday trip on Monday. We celebrate birthdays by having fun through out our birthday month and by taking a road trip. (We means Mr. Bruce, Shirley, and myself.)
   We met her at the Isle of Capri Casino in Boonville, MO; then we went to Columbia, MO. This was truly one of the most beautiful days with temperature about 80°, the bluest sky, and a nice breeze. I think Mother Nature was celebrating with us. 
  First stop was lunch at Teller's Gallery and Bar at 9th and Broadway. The gallery part that there is art all over the place, every wall is covered with original artwork. I am assuming the art is done by college students, that would be typical in a university town. Lunch was yummy! I can't say enough good things about the service; the young people were very polite and friendly.
  We were in Columbia to see Jeanne Robertson at the Missouri Theatre. You can read all about this on Jeanne-Fun. I had gotten information about how to get to the theater and where to park from my Twitter friend Joann. When we came to the theater, a nice man came over and asked if he could assist us, he told Mr. Bruce that was a good place to park. We learned that he and the others were volunteers with the Columbia CVB. If everyone in Columbia is as nice and friendly as these people were, I might move there. They shared interesting tidbits and info about the city and the theater.
  After a delightful show of humor, we were ready for ice cream, of course we are always ready for ice cream. We went to Sparky's on 9th Street. If you like homemade ice cream go to Sparky's. Mr. Bruce had blueberry which had real blueberries.
  Dinner with Jeanne, then back to the Isle of Capri Hotel. We said good night to Shirley, I was pooped, went to sleep while Mr. Bruce went downstairs to the casino. We all met in the casino the next morning, chatted and laughed as we search for the "BIG Jackpot" that we knew was hiding in one of the slot machine.
  I can hardly wait for Mr. Bruce's birthday road trip. I wonder where he wants to go.
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