Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mr. Bruce, do something funny

    Other day I told my honey, aka Mr. Bruce, that I needed something silly to write about for some stories. After all, Jeanne Robertson tells hilarious stories about her honey, aka Left Brain, and he isn't even trying to be funny. His answer, "did you tell them about the Wilson's Creek re-enactment?"
   I don't think that is funny, that is a history lesson. Besides, that has been written and talked about on every TV station and newspaper in Missouri. I wanted an amusing, personal tidbit to expand on for this column.
  What has been a funny situation lately in our quiet lives? I have told enough "Bruce is cooking" tales, so him burning my birthday apple pie wouldn't be a new tale. He takes his volunteer work very serious, guess I shouldn't joke about that.
  Several funny things happened during our trip to Minnesota. For instance his adventures in Ames, IA when he went out for hamburgers to bring back to our hotel room. He had studied a street map of Ames in the phone book and determined that Iowa State University was west of the hotel. So he went west to find a McDonald's or another drive-thru. Almost an hour later he came back muttering that all he found was pizza places. He had gotten lost, ended up in the country looking at cornfields. We ate supper out of the vending machine.
  Now that's not particularly, funny but what happened the next morning made me giggle. To the east of our hotel was a convenience store and Arby's combo store. Across the street was another combo, maybe a Hardees..I can't remember. 
 This made me think, we need to figure out how to update our Garmin. Haven't used it for quite awhile. Why know where you are going when getting lost is just another name for sightseeing.
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