Tuesday, July 12, 2011


     We ate at a local breakfast buffet this morning. All you can eat $4.99, drinks extra. You guessed it, the only people there under 40 were people that work there. I am guessing that there were no customers there under 65 years old. Mr. Bruce always points out that younger people are at work at 8am, and that's good. Someone has to be paying in to Social Security.
  We hadn't been there for a while, food wasn't too appealing, however the service was great. As we were going to the car I said, "Don't think we will be coming back to the seniors are us cafe."
  Now Mr. Bruce thought that was funny. "That's a good name for a restaurant" 
  I quipped back, "Actually, I think I feel a story coming on. See how our minds think differently." 
  Later he started giggling and said, "Isn't it funny, seniors are always other people, not us."
  I write about that question often.. what is old? One of my favorite topics is "No, I am not a bloomer, I bloomed years ago". I have enough opinion articles on the subject for a couple of years of posts. I honestly think that "bloomers" are having a harder time right now than we seniors are. Seniors are not as worried about finding new jobs, putting kids through college, or buying a different house. We have "been there, done that" as they say. 
  Seniors are busy people, we have jobs, own businesses, and volunteer. Thank goodness, for people who volunteer. Mr. Bruce volunteers at CoxHealth, please read more on this story: "Meet Mr. Bruce". Many people over 60 years of age return to college, either on campus or by taking online classes. We are active online, we blog, we are on Facebook, and we Tweet. (Twitter is my home away from home.)
  Speaking of seniors, I can't write a story without mentioning my favorite humorist, Jeanne Robertson. I am watching one of her older DVDs, "Talking Funny". She was 59 when she did that, she is 67 now. Just a kid!
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