Monday, June 20, 2011

Sharing the Sunday Paper

  In case you have not read the Springfield, MO Sunday paper, look out in your yard. There might be a page or two that has landed at your place, no matter how far away you live or in which directions. I hope you didn't get the ad section only.
  This morning Mr. Bruce took the trash bin out just like he does every Monday, also this is recycle day for he took that tub also. He is very faithful with that task and usually very careful how he loads the recycle tub. 
  This morning as I was tweeting away I noticed a newspaper blowing across the yard. Didn't think much of it since it's a very windy day. Later, I went downstairs for an hour or so. When I came back upstairs I noticed lots of newspaper out by the street and across our yard. The papers were flying out of the recycle tub.. oh my!
   I thought that I should call Mr. Bruce home, then remembered he was in important meetings today. So I decided I'd better go pick up what I could. First I had to get dressed. I doubt if anyone cared if an old lady in a nightshirt was wandering around, but I did. (Note to self, next column should be on nightshirts.) 
   We live in a 1970's ranch style house. One that has a huge front yard with house sitting in the back with long driveway. Now this presented a problem with my limited walking. Then I spotted the walker, of course that would work. OK, picture this, little old MissDazey strolling down the driveway using a walker. Then chasing newspapers all over the yard, wind blowing them about like a kid's kite. Luckily, there was a telephone directory in the tub to weigh down the captured papers once I had caught them.  
   I saw an old calendar that I had saved for the photos in the the tub. Guess he didn't know that a 10 year old calendar was not trash. I laid it up on the lid of the regular trash cart so I could take it back inside. Wouldn't you know, that very minute the truck came up to street. The calendar didn't go into the hopper, fell onto the street. This nice young service man got out and flew the calendar into the truck. I thanked him, felt bad he had to do that when it was my fault. 
  I know this sounds ridiculous to most people. But to me it was an adventure.  
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