Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pets, Travel, and Us

   Every so often I ask Mr. Bruce if he wants to get another dog. This weekend I asked again because of the big pet adoption they were having in Joplin. His answer is always no, not until we stop traveling. Gee, I am planning to travel for a long time with my last trip being to the "pearly gates". (I am going to travel first class there too.) 
  When Mr. Bruce and I first met, he was owned by Cissy. Cissy is no longer with us, but she lived a very long and pampered life. When we traveled Cissy went to a good kennel, but Mr. Bruce always hated leaving her. He and Cissy would be upset for days. 
  I know many, many people travel with their pets, we are just not geared for that. I feel bad that he isn't getting the pleasure out of having a puppy while he is young enough to enjoy it. No one knows the joy (and work) of a pet more than he does. Am I being selfish to put traveling over a pet? At the very most, we are gone 15-30 days a year, and those divided into different trips. That leave many a day to "pet and pamper" a pooch.
  Decisions, decisions.. we are facing important ones right now. Life is not always perfect, nor does it come with a well laid out plan. (Ask the people in Joplin if they planned on losing everything.)
  OH MY, why am I writing serious stuff this morning instead of humor? Beats me, and makes me rather depressed. Just one more little thing, I am a cat person, maybe I'll get a kitten. 

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