Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knock, Knock-Who's There

  This morning I ask my Twitter friends if anything funny was going on in their world. I love to laugh and appreciate people sharing the fun stuff around them. I didn't know a silly situation was going to happen at our house shortly. 
  Mr. Bruce went out in the backyard to trim some vines. He used the single garage door. A few minutes later I decided to check on him, never know what the guy might be up to out there. I went out the main garage door. 
  It is a beautiful morning here, blue skies, birds singing, and not too hot. (YET) Too nice to miss so I walked around to the front porch to rock awhile. Never mind that I am still in my nightshirt and barefooted. Our house sits back from the street, houses not close together. In other words, no one could see me.
  I heard Mr. Bruce come through the house saying something, but went on rocking and listening to my feather friend's concert. A few minutes later decided I'd better come inside and walked around to the garage. Guess what? Both doors were closed. I bet Bruce was telling me that I was heating up the place leaving the big garage door open like that.
  I just smiled and went back to front porch and rang the doorbell. I thought I'd say "Avon calling" when he answered the door. Accept he didn't answer, so I rang it again. No one came.
  Then is hit me.. a few months ago we put a keypad security thing on the garage door. Now what was that code? Went around and let myself into the house. Mr. Bruce met me in the kitchen
   Meanwhile, back at the ranch as they say..  He came in and went to get out of hot work clothes and take a shower. Of course, the phone rang and when he went to answer it, half dressed of course, the doorbell rang. That's when he figured out I wasn't in the house.
  All this just goes to prove I find humor in everything. Not only that, I'll write a story about it.
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