Monday, May 16, 2011

The Silly Crims

   It’s a good thing that Mr. Bruce and I are not on a TV reality show because no one would believe it. Most days are very dull, but ever so often, we have a bit of “Oh, Bother!” as Charlie Brown would say. A few examples:
   Friday he took his old desktop into the computer repair. They checked it and it worked fine. He brought it back, forgot how what wire went where, finally got it back on...and of course, the same problem. The screen was all out of whack. Finally he remember the repair guy said there are buttons on side of monitor, he move a couple, and behold it was perfect.
  In spite of truly caring for one another and being together for 12 years (married 7) we cannot do a project together. Not even a simple one without being so exasperated with one another. It’s very simple... he doesn’t listen to me. I asked him to ask the computer guy about a headset to use with Skype and Dragon. They didn’t have one, sent him to Office Depot. He got one, but we can’t get it to work. We tried and tried, and after an hour of yelling at one another gave up. Between you and me, I think he got the wrong thing.
  Part of our silly tiffs is because I can’t do things and he does them "his way". That's OK, because my way is to get someone else to do them. Works for me.
  He likes to cook, learning really. However, he don’t read or follow directions. A good example of this is his cake baking last week. He had made several simple cakes by stirring a can of pumpkin into a cake mix.
  One day he was in kitchen, I heard all kinds of noise, pans banging etc. Finally go in to see. He was pouring cake batter in a loaf pan, he still had a big bowl full. He said, "I've never had this much batter before".
  I said, "Use the largest Pyrex one, think it's 12x8. Be sure to grease and flour it. That is the one you have used before"
He proceeds to pour batter in it, but it was still too full.
  Me:"Have you turned on oven?"
  Him:"No, I do that last"
  Then I happen to spot the box... It is an angel food mix. What? Me: "Did you know it was an angel food mix? Did you read the instructions?"
  Him: "No, what does that matter? Cake is cake."
  Since it had now set several minutes, wouldn't fit in 2 pans, we weren't sure what to do. Finally, he dug out his mother's old square tube pan. He washed it, put the batter in, and baked it. I hid out in the downstairs watching baseball.
  Finally he announced the cake was cool, but it wouldn't come out of pan. More banging. He said, "Your cake it ready". He had dug it out in 3-4 big chunks. On further inspection, I saw blue berries. What he had done was put a can of blue berries, some water into this mix, stir in up thoroughly by hand. I laughed until tears were coming down my face. Bless his heart, he knows I am telling this is as a blog story. He is laughing too.
  Now that I think of it, maybe we should invite TV in. Anyone want to watch?
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