Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Characters Are Gathering in Des Moines

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And they are all smart, energetic, young, and successful characters. Each one is there to share their experiences with others in the fast paced, information filled 140 Character Conference: Des Moines.  My friend Deb Brown and Nathan Wright have worked months organizing and promoting this event along with 140Conf main guru Jeff Pulver. (according to Deb: "Jeff is the original organizer and creator of the 140's".) I will be watching the live video stream.
  I first read the term 140conf when Becky mentioned she was speaking at one, London I think. Of course, I asked her all kinds of questions and of course, she answered all of them. (Last fall Becky and Cody organized the small town 140conf.) I had just joined Twitter, knew so little about social media in general. I know more about SM now, and am a devoted follower of the 140confs. Yes, I know I watch from my room via the Internet, but never the less, I learn so much.
  Naturally, when I first learned there would be a 140conf in Des Moines, IA I became a cheerleader for the cause. I have watched the event grow from an idea into an exciting "it's going to happen Monday" time. The word has been spread via blogs, fb, tweets, print and online news, radio, etc.
  I must share this bit of MissDazey silliness. Mr. Bruce has a full schedule these days, but I did check to see if there was any chance of going to Des Moines May 9. (Big 4 day lobby sale going on, so no way.) Last week Bruce and  I were discussing ways to improve sales at the CoxHealth gift shop and other general things about the auxiliary. We were driving to KC. He said, "Social Media.. that's one thing we need more of..Social Media. Maybe I should go to one of those meetings you talked about." 
  I checked to see who said that, was someone different driving? He usually doesn't talk about such things. Then I remembered.. the other hospital auxiliary in town has a very active Facebook and Twitter presence, including a good newsletter. Mr. Pres-Elect is wanting to improve CoxHealth's online stuff. Good for him! I told him that the 140conf was same date as lobby sale..bummer.
  Last fall I watched most of the 140conf from Hutchinson, KS. Bruce came home just as Deb Brown was getting ready to take the stage so we watched her together. Deb, looking forward to watching you again next Monday. 
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