Monday, April 11, 2011

Mr. Bruce was a big hit

   In his “White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation”, Mr. Bruce attended the appreciation party for the CoxHealth Volunteers. The theme of the party was the ‘50s; suggested dress was poodle skirts, James Dean white t-shirt with black leather jacket, and bowling shirts. A couple of weeks ago, we were talking and we decided that he would dress in a white sports coat with a pink carnation. That was the title of a Marty Robbins hit in 1957, which is also the year Bruce graduated from Drury College. 
   We got online and searched for a white sports coat; we just didn’t want to go all over Springfield to look through thrift stores. I found a white tux on eBay, used from a Tux rental place. Bruce is a big Sinatra fan, so he needed a white fedora that came from Amazon. Pink carnation boutonniere ordered through auxiliary gift shop. Add in his class ring, a pink dress shirt, black slacks, he was quite the prom date.
   Mr. Bruce welcomed the volunteers at the beginning of the party by reading a take-off of the song’s lyrics. He said the party was the best ever, with 50’s décor, music, etc. Part of the entertainment was a very talented ventriloquist and her little granny friend. Granny told the story of Lester E Cox, Coxhealth, and the part volunteers played in it’s history.  
   Seven volunteers were presented The President’s Call to Service Lifetime Award. Mr. Bruce proudly received his.

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