Friday, April 29, 2011

Do Si Doing in KC

   It's birthday time again for my sister Shirley. Last year we all celebrated with a trip to Tunica, MS. I wrote a couple of stories about it. This year I asked her what Mr. Bruce and I could do for and with her to celebrate. She thought about it and then ask for a very simple thing. Would Bruce drive her out to the Kansas City airport after dark to see the newest art sculptor?(night driving is getting harder for all 3 of us) See picture above.
   We had a delightful day Tuesday. We met her at Anthony's for an Italian lunch. Shirley knows neat places in the KC metro area, plus she is frugal so knows good deals. She had a coupon and she got points for eating there.
   Mr. Bruce and I went to the Ameristar Casino for the afternoon. We played a long time, I even won a bit..rare but fun. We checked into our room about 3 so Granny could take a nap. Shirley always gives us a "goody bag" for the room, filled with cookies, candy, and a can of nuts for Bruce. No need for supper.
   Shirley was waiting for us in the lobby, ready for part two of her pre-birthday mini trip. She gave Bruce directions for the first stop, ice cream place in North Kansas City. It is Cirque d'Alex, a very sweet place that has homemade ice cream on a busy corner. We couldn't figure out where the drive was to the shopping center, so Bruce circled the block a couple of time. Nothing keeps us from ice cream.
   After getting our sugary, ice cream fix we head for the airport. She said we were looking for a tall art sculptor that had lights and a water fountain. OK, we drove down the road to the terminals, passed some artwork, but nothing lit up. We circle around, out of the airport, and try it again. This time she spots something, "it that it?" Looked like the back of billboard to me.
  Finally we agree that is "it". Sadly, on this night the water was not on and only part of the lights. It was a pleasant adventure and Mr. Bruce didn't mind a bit of do si doing in NKC. It also gave him a chance to show Shirley his new car. 
   I do have another longer birthday trip planned for her. Jeanne Robertson is doing a show in Columbia, MO in the fall. The three of us will be there with bells on.
  Happy Birthday Shirley.
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