Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Personal Women's Day

  Today is International Women's Day, the media and social networks have hundreds of stories, photos, and tributes to many superb women. I got to thinking about the women in my life, both past and present. I know no famous people, yet I am surrounded daily with GREAT WOMEN. True many of them I have not met in person, however they are constantly part of my daily routine. 
   I start my morning with email, eCards, Twitter updates, and Facebook posts. My Twitter women friends are especially neat people, so if I know you only via tweets...hugs retweeted. 
I have made many good friends via the internet, especially Vannie and Dixie. I feel like I have known them all my life. They are on my "top women I know" list. 
  My younger sister Shirley is my HERO, has always been there with me through life's ups and downs. Georgia and Jacque are my friends who are as close as sisters are; unselfishness is their middle name. Jeanne Robertson is changing my life and reminding me to keep laughing. Daughter Jonya is another hero, she is strong, smart, unique, and successful. Daughter-in-laws are more than special, each one has a piece of my heart. Thanks Lou Ann, Valerie, Chelle, and Geneva for taking care of my boys and grandkids.
  My mother has passed, yet I think of her often, even catching myself saying, "I am becoming my mother". I have a very special friend who has always been like my mom, thank-you Geraldine. Aunt Irene was who I looked up to growing up; I wanted to be just like her. (she lived to be 100)
  Today as the world honors women I am honoring "my girls".   
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