Monday, March 28, 2011

Pa and Ma Crim Go To Kentucky

  What a great time we had on our all too short trip to Kentucky. We left at 7:00 am and pulled into Frankfort, KY 10 hours later, never did get the time right since they are on EDT, my watch on CST. Our little Buick buzzed up I-44 then over to I-64 like it knew this was an important trip. Which it was...we were going to the Jeanne Robertson show in Louisville on Sat. The weather turned cold, no sun but lots of wind to push us along.
   Bruce spent Friday doing genealogy research, the morning in Kentucky Library and Archives building. Then we went to lunch at Johnny Carino's Italian restaurant, I wish we had one in Springfield, the food is delicious. Frankfort is the Capital of Kentucky. It is a lovely old town with quaint interesting buildings, winding  roads, and a new modern area near the highway. It seems the best of both worlds, small old town charm and big city opportunity and services. 
  We then went to the Kentucky Historical Society. I follow them on Twitter and have visited the website, but we were still amazed at what an outstanding museum and genealogy department they have. I learned so much about Kentucky, the displays are interactive so of course, I played with most of them. We were not able to go through the Old State Capital, but hope to come back another (warm) summer day.
  Early Saturday morning found us at the Louisville Slugger Museum. I wanted to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Bruce and I are both huge baseball fans, so enjoyed everything. There is a Norman Rockwell exhibition going on now; it brought back so many good memories. We didn't do the factory tour, but did get grandson a personalized bat. 
  Guess what my most memorable moment of the whole trip? The minute I saw Jeanne coming towards me and getting a big hug. Jeanne and her partner Al McCree met us for lunch. We chatted like long time friends catching up on each other's days. The show was just as fantastic was we thought it would be, Jeanne is "fabulous". My review of the night will be posted in another story or two, so stayed tuned.  
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