Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Pre-Trip Customer Service

  Great customer service began before tourists arrive. Traveling is always fun for me, especially the planning part that I do online. By the time we actually go on a little road trip I have spent hours reading numerous sites, researching little things, and making reservations. In between actual trips, I take “virtual tours”.
  Mr. Bruce and I are driving to Kentucky at the end of the month, first to Frankfort to do genealogy, then to Louisville to see Jeanne Robertson. This past week I have had the nicest exchanges with two places we are going to with information and answers to my questions.
  The first one was from the Kentucky Historical Society; I can hardly wait to visit their complex. I have been following them on Twitter, then reading more with I follow the links. They make history and genealogy stories exciting. When I tweeted I was going to visit there soon, I got a “welcome and see you soon” tweet and another with visitor information. This made me feel special.
  Jeanne is appearing in The Bomhard Theater, which is in The Kentucky Center for Performing Arts. I was concerned about too much walking since I’m not taking my wheelchair. I spotted a contact for the “access director”, and emailed my questions. Martha Newman, the Director of Access Services, immediately emailed me with answers and assures of personal service. (Someone will be at the door with wheelchair…WOW!) Martha also gave parking information, much to the relief of Mr. Bruce.
  A dear online friend has also answers several questions for me about Louisville. This is very helpful since no one knows an area better than someone who lives there. Thanks, Jules.
  I am so excited about our Kentucky trip that I am counting the days. If everyone in KY is as nice and professional as these women... well, we might not leave.

Personal PS: Years ago, I overheard a salesclerk in a major tourist area being right down rude to a customer. Then she had the nerve to laugh and say aloud “We only see these fools once, not worried if they come back”. I have never forgotten that experience. I am very happy that my experiences traveling have generally been fantastic, and do return to visit again.

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