Monday, February 7, 2011

So Many Ideas..So Little Writing

  Afternoon update: Mr. Bruce called while I was writing this story to tell me the CoxHealth gift shop had gotten this shawl like things to sale. He said, it sounds like a Pashmina like Jeanne tells about. (see video on left). I got online and found they are called Riverton Wraps. He is bringing me a light blue one. Oh yes, I asked Jeanne about them and she has one. However she likes doing the stare down and flip with attitude. 
  I started to use the title, "No Excuses, Good Explanations" for this post. However, that's not important, Besides I rarely read blog articles that start with "sorry I haven't written for a long time." (Secondly, I dwell on negatives too much and too often, trying to break that cycle.)
   I love to laugh, that is a great way to make it through this long cold, snowy winter. I seem to find more silliness in my life every day. I just checked this story for typos...that's good for a big laugh.
  Mr. Bruce and I are both getting excited about our trip to Kentucky the end of March. We will drive from Springfield, MO to Frankfort, KY. He is going to spend a day at the Kentucky Historical Society to do a bit of genealogy research. Yesterday he read through his files to refresh his memory,thanks to his brother he has quite a large folder of material. 
  Saturday, March 26 is the BIG DAY for me; we are going to see Jeanne Robertson in her "Comedy with Class" in Louisville, KY. We are planning to tour the Louisville Slugger Museum that morning. Mr. Bruce has been there once, but that was years ago. 
  Let's see what else I have been thinking about writing about. Here are my notes:
  1. Bruce asked me why I don't get serious about learning social media. He didn't understand my answer, friends online would.
  2. A series of stories on "Aging with Class".
  3. My rant on belittling older actresses and actors. Boy, the very thought of this makes me angry.
  4. Many online friends have new eBooks out. Need to encourage them.
  5. Agri-Tourism..the subject is very interesting.
  6. Personal stuff, like am I losing my mental abilities along with physical ones. No, I will not write that one.
  7. 101 business ideas that keep popping into my head. 
  I like to write, always have written daily, but rarely share it. I have thought about writing an eBook, but honestly don't know what to write about that others would like to read. Any ideas?
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