Monday, February 21, 2011

Ready, Set...Waiting to GO!

Is there anyone out there is Twitterville, Facebook Land, or Outer Cyberspace that does not know Mr. Bruce and I are going to a Jeanne Robertson show in Louisville? I doubt it since I have tweeted nothing else for 3 months. Not counting today, there are 30 long days before we leave. I thought about suggesting that Jeanne change the date just for me. 
   We like to travel and I especially like to plan a trip using the Internet. Of course, I ordered the tickets online. I was surprised they are on the front row; I think I'll trade them with a couple a bit farther back. I have been on the Kentucky Center site, it is a large and beautiful complex.
   Next, I spent many delightful hours deciding on hotels. Actually we are going to Frankfort, KY first day so Mr. Bruce can do some genealogy research, then over to Louisville Saturday March 26 for the show. Louisville has some great hotels, many older elegant hotels that are both historic and beautiful. Here I ran into a problem. While these are near the theater, I am not sure about them being best for us. Most are too, too big for me to manage and I don't want to take my wheelchair. Mr. Bruce has a bit of trouble with night vision and city travel Watch out folks!
  We decided to stay at Hampton Inns this trip. I booked the rooms this morning, got the AARP rate. It's been a long time since we've stayed anywhere but hotels connected to casinos. We are going to the Horseshoe Casino, but it's too expensive on Saturday night. We will have lunch at Paula Deen's Buffet. 
  I am really hoping we can stay another day to do tourist type stuff in Louisville. I have never been to the Louisville Slugger Museum. That will be a decision we will have to make 30 days.
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