Thursday, January 13, 2011

Over the Hill, NO WAY

   At what point are people considered old? When do you call someone a senior citizen? I suspect you could get many different opinions on those questions. The old saying, "You are only as old as you think you are." says a lot.
   So why is it that many sites, not all course, who target seniors and/or old people are by younger people. Why is it when you put the word senior into a search engine you get "nursing homes", "care givers", Medicare info...oh, I could go on and on. Also, seniors..people over 65..are not Boomers. We Boomed and BLOOMED many years ago. We might or might not be official retired, we might or might not be running companies. We might or might not be learning new things. Some of us travel, some don't. That OK! However, it's exciting to know we have options.
   Mr. Bruce and I are retired, and yes we are loving it. I have written before that he has officially retired three times. I should also add that he volunteers over 20 hours per week, so he does stay busy. I "dabble" online, which in my opinion is useful, meaningful use of my time. We believe this is the best of both worlds, active but not completely in the business world.
  When I think of amazing people over 65 years old, people I respect and adore I think of these:
  President Jimmy Carter who at age 86 travels the world with his wife Roselynn doing so much good.
  Bill Gates, Sr who at 85 is always working for the betterment of children worldwide via the Gates Foundation
  Maya Angelou who inspires us all
  Jeanne Robertson A humorist who at age 67 is expanding her career, adding shows to an already busy  schedule. (yes, she is someone I respect greatly.)
  This list could take up pages and pages of blogs, but I will stop. Young people, please respect your elders. Remember, when you market yourself and your products that people over 65 spent money. Lots of money! And we are smart enough to spend it wisely and not just on depends.  
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