Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yes, Virginia There Are Still Nice People

  I personally think most people are nice year around, and many are exceptionally nice during the Holiday season. I have had a couple of SUPER NICE things happen to me lately. I'd like to share one or two.
  First one happened this morning on Twitter. I tweeted a nice tweet, but made a spelling typo in a certain word; the wrong word was indelicate to say the least. NO, I will not write either word. Two very nice young men politely told me about the mistake. I was embarrassed but so appreciate of them pointing it out so I could delete the tweet. These guys could have made fun of me, retweeted the post. Instead they were "NICE" to an old lady.
  Yesterday Mr. Bruce took me to The Dollar Tree for a few things. Most of you know what difficultly I have standing, much less walking. Three different women pointed out things to me, they had overheard our discussing "where is". I over-listened to a NICE mother and her 2 daughters gather up things for 12 plastic shoe-boxes with girlie stuff, lipsticks, bath items, etc. 12 lucky girls will get these gifts.
  I received a very special gift in the mail Monday. It's one of these, "lets keep it quiet" type things. I re-gifted part of this love gift. Yes, I cried when this box arrived, it was so very NICE to receive. 
  Some of the NICEST people I've ever known are online, many on Twitter. It is NICE to read their tweets and blog stories about how the celebrate Christmas and how they are sharing with others.
  Thanks everyone for being NICE enough to read my blogs. Would you care to share a NICE comment? 
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