Monday, December 13, 2010

Concerts, Grandkids, and Pashminas

   Christmas music fills the air everywhere one goes this month. I often have Pandora on playing quietly while I am online. This past weekend Mr. Bruce and I went to the Springfield Symphony Orchestra Holiday Concert and two of the grandkid’s school concerts. Tonight, Monday 12/13/10, we will go to granddaughter Jaclyn’s 4th grade play. We seemed to have it all in a short 3-day period.
   I was so impressed yesterday at the Willard, MO Music department, all of the teachers need a standing ovation for the extremely good job they do. Our first stop was at the middle school to watch grandson’s Johnny in the 7th grade band. They played 3 or 4 songs, delightful cheery Christmas tunes. We had to leave before the 8th grade band played so we could get to the high school building.
  The high school choirs have fabulous concert called “Holiday Choral Concert”. Grandson William was in the mixed chorus part. They were followed by 3 other groups. The concert choir is quite large and very talented.
  Willard, Mo is what we used to call a bedroom community, just a few miles from Springfield. All of the smaller towns around Springfield have grown so fast the last few years. Each and everyone have excellent schools, we are fortunate everyone in our area knows the importance of education.
  Saturday evening Mr. Bruce and I attended the Springfield Symphony’s “Home for the Holidays” concert. It was held at the new O’Reilly’s Family Center on the Drury campus. I think “WOW”, is the best word to describe it. The following is taken from their website. (Santa was there too passing out candy canes.)
This holiday season we bring you a heartwarming concert full of yuletide classics such as the 12 Days of Christmas and thrilling new works that will lift your spirits and charm your senses, including Christmas on Broadway! And, as always, we will wind down the evening and ring in the New Year with the ever-popular, and newly-improved, Holly Jolly Holiday Sing Along! This is an Ozark’s holiday tradition
    Of course, there is a Jeanne Robertson story coming out of this; I caught myself counting Pashminas. It turned very cold here in the Ozarks, everyone had on their winter coats. Bruce let me out at the door and I carefully walked into the building. The lady just ahead of me had her Pashmina wrapped over her dress coat, “Pashmina style”. (Please watch Jeanne’s video for instructions on how to put on a Pashmina properly. I counted at least a dozen or more. I have continued this story on the Jeanne Fun page.
   What type of Christmas music is your favorite? I like it all.

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