Sunday, December 26, 2010

24 Hour Humor Bug

   “Keep on laughing and find the humor in any situation” is what Jeanne Robertson says and lives. I have always tried to do that also, but the last few days have been a test of that theory. Guess what, it worked. Let me explain, early last Wednesday morning I came down with that terrible dreaded 24 stomach virus that makes it’s rounds over and over. I don’t want to dwell on the nasty details, so I will just say I was sicker than I’d been in years.
   Here is was Christmas week and the only dashing I was doing was to the bathroom, back to bed, repeated throughout the next day. I don’t know if I as dozing or what when I caught myself repeating Jeanne’s stories in my mind. (I wasn’t able to turn a DVD or CD on, don’t have either in my bedroom.) Yes, Jeanne I know most of the stories by heart. Then as my little game got more intense, I made up silly stories in my mind. What a blast, swearing I was dying in one breathe, the laughing about something it next minute.
  Here are a couple of examples. Jeanne tells a funny story called “The Interment of Rudolph Elroy Branch”. (Just For Fun DVD) I went through that story in my mind several time when I knew I was dying. It seemed to calm me down and reassure me my “last wishes” would be honored.
  Of course, I wasn’t looking too pretty, so I told myself the stories on aging on the “Here She Is” DVD. This went on for 2 full days. I do believe I went through all 6 DVDs.
  This merriment seemed to take on a new direction and I starting having dreams, or something. (Maybe I was delusional, high temp and all.) In one of them, Jeanne and Paula Deen were making pound cakes on TV while I was saying, “Go away, I can’t eat a thing”. In another my Pashmina was wrapped around my feet, must have been cold.
  There was more drama going on those few days, and I’m proud to tell you I see quite a bit of humor, especially now that it’s over. The day before we had bought a new car and was to pick it up that first day. NO WAY! I kept asking Bruce to go get that car before they sell it to someone else. He would say, “No, I don’t want to leave you alone.” Then he would retreat downstairs for hours at a time. Neither of us remembered we have intercom phones that we bought for just this type of situations.
   He did get the car on Thursday, drove it into the garage and there is sits. Bruce was in the first few hours of his 24 hour “dashing through the house, find the bathroom quick” saga. I bet instead of Jeanne stories he sang Sinatra songs in his dreams.
   Oh, got to tell one more thing about our new car, it has two names. We always name our cars, doesn’t everyone? It is a Buick LaCrosse, silver color and loaded with all the bells and whistles. I named it “Jeanne”. Mr. Bruce didn’t think he should be going around telling his friends about how Jeanne did on the road, so he is calling it JR, (Jeanne Robertson). It’s a man thing. 
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