Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smart Volunteers are Smart Shoppers

These great volunteers are the new officers for CoxHealth Auxiliary for 2011. The good looking man in the middle is Mr. Bruce. 
The following is an article that he wrote for an upcoming newsletter. 

   It is a known fact that we Cox Health Volunteers receive a great amount of personal satisfaction from our volunteer service, but there are other benefits that for many go unnoticed. One of those benefits is that by shopping at the Auxiliary Gift Shop you can not only save money but you receive a lot of satisfaction in knowing that part of the money you spent goes to a number of worthy causes taking place in the Cox Health System. To receive this benefit you need to be a Smart Shopper.
   As a Cox Volunteer, you probably go by or are near the Gift Shop every time you volunteer. On the way home, step into the Gift Shop where you could save up to 9.85% on your purchase because non-profit operations do not pay sales tax. The sales tax in Springfield starts at 7.6% and jumps to 9.85% in areas of the city designated as Community Improvement Districts such as Downtown, College Station and certain areas on South Campbell Street. But wait--that is not all you will save.
   The Gift Shop goods are fairly priced, all being purchased by a very savvy buyer and Gift Shop Manager--Ginger Taylor. And don’t forget that you have not spent any money for auto gas to drive to another store. If you are at home and need to make a purchase, try the Cox Health website and key on “Buy a Gift”.
   Gift Shops are located at Cox North, Walnut Lawn, and South. They contain a variety of goods including quality gifts, fresh flowers, candies, snacks, magazines, greeting cards, handbags, jewelry, and sundries.
   As you leave the Gift Shop with your purchase, don’t forget the most important benefit of being a smart shopper. The Cox Auxiliary appropriates over 30% of the money you just spent each year. For 2011 this will amount to $199,000. Major amounts of this giving will go to the Children’s Miracle Network (Child Life Program, C.A.R.E. Mobile, Shaken Baby Syndrome Program), Cox College (Scholarships), Hulston Cancer Center (Nutrition for cancer patients), Labor & Delivery (Baby car seats and sids prevention blankets) and many others.
   It has been said that old shopping habits are hard to break but by making an effort to shop at the Cox Auxiliary Gift Shop you will not only save in the pocketbook but will be rewarded by the good feeling that will no doubt come over you by being a Smart Volunteer and a Smart Shopper.
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