Monday, November 29, 2010

My Holiday Message

Merry Christmas 
from Mr. Bruce and MissDazey
Dear reader, please note this is my Christmas letter, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah and all other seasonal celebrations. In the spirit of giving thought, I’d share this picture. One time only thing, I usually don’t ever let people take my picture, period! 

   Tis the Monday after Thanksgiving and all through the land, people are making Christmas lists. It is a very special time, excitement is building, decorations are going up, and retailers are happily overworked. I thought I would share with everyone how we do holidays at the Crims, well how I do holidays anyway.
   We have a couple of grandkids school concerts to attend this month at Willard schools. Next week we are going to the Springfield Symphony Christmas Concert and we may go see Andy Williams in Branson. Both of us love music, so there will be Christmas music throughout the month.

  A few years ago, we decided instead of giving individual gifts to family members we would gift that money to good causes, Heifer International and The Clinton Foundation. This year we are giving a camel to Heifer. Don’t think our family feels bad, they like the idea, and besides we are generous on birthdays and anniversaries.
   I am not a holiday person, more of a “bah humbug” type. I told Mr. Bruce if he wants to decorate fine, but leave me out of it. I think he got enough of that when he helped “deck the halls” at the CoxHealth gift shops. He said once it's not the putting up that is hard, it's the taking down part.
  We will celebrate our anniversary the end of December by taking a short trip. Probably to Kansas City or Tunica. I was thinking it might be fun to go to Tulsa, will have to wait to see how the weather is then.
  My wish for everyone that 2011 will be the best year yet! 
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