Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Their Turn

   Ever feel old, really, really old? Are there times that it seems the world, especially the business and technical world, has left you behind? Do you have to do a Bing search to figure out what new words and terms mean? I answer yes to all these questions. Last Monday I felt “old” while watching the live stream videos from the Small Town 140 Conference. I would not have missed it for any good reason. My review of the event is on MissDazey Biz. There is a link where all the videos can be seen. Great stuff!
  I am a big fan of Becky, Sheila, and Deb so watching the event was such a treat for me. The Internet is my lifeline to the outside world, Twitter in particular and Social Media in general. Everyone worked so hard to make the weekend in Hutchinson, KS a big success; it was certainly that and more. It will be fun to watch and see what new business adventures come out of this event.
   I learned the Y generation is also called “power-ups” and/or the millennial generation. They are the group that was born with a computer mouse in one hand, a smart phone in the other. Their first word was “Google”. Their lullabies were downloaded from iTunes.  
   Gee, do I sound like an old geezer and a bitter one at that? I admit to the old geezer part, but I am not bitter. As the saying goes “time marches on”. This is a wonderful time to live, so many more opportunities to keep learning and doing than ever before, thanks to the computer and Internet. I often say, “It’s their turn” when referring to young people. It is my turn to respect them and watch their growth and achievements.
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