Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cat Tweets

   I barely remember my first cat, a yellow tabby called Jeanie. I don’t remember not having cats. Later when I had a house full of kids, I also had a momma cat named Jeanie. And she would present us with kittens on regular bases. (Now I would have her spay.) Mr. Bruce is a dog lover, can’t handle cats. He always had one or two dogs, his last one was named Cissy. However, we have agreed no pets for now since we still like to travel. Besides, he has his hands full taking care of me. All joking aside, Bruce and I both are animal lovers. (but cats are best.)  
“I thought I saw a puddy cat.” I did, I did on Twitter and in many blogs. I still am a kid at heart and love that cartoon. I also like cats and have noticed how many cat lovers I follow on Twitter and Facebook.
   Did you know that some cats write the most delightful blogs? Years ago I met one such author who posts daily on Admiral Hestorb I got in the habit of calling her MissCatt after I became online friends with her person Carole. This blog has many faithful readers, most of them are kitties with a dog or two that give them doggy opinions on things. I think there is a link on the homepage for other feline blogs. Smokey the Cat has a blog called “From the Window Sill"
   My Twitter friends Carolyn and Deb have more than one cat. I’m know there are many more. I invite anyone who is cat lover to leave their blog address and/or Twitter id in the comments.
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