Saturday, November 13, 2010

Around, Around She Goes


 Where she stops, everyone should know. Check out Jeanne Robertson’s schedule for the next few months. It is on the “Open To the Public” page on her site. Also, note there is an addition site to get show information and buy tickets, “Comedy with Class”  Be sure to check out Jeanne’s Facebook page or the “Jeanne Fun” page on this site for recaps and reviews.
    This morning Mr. Bruce heard me laughing aloud and came in to see what was so funny. He has learned that I usually am laughing at either someone’s Tweets or something on Jeanne Robertson Facebook page. Today is was Jeanne and the different comments about last Thursday show and Jeanne in a racecar. She was in Bristol, TN for a special Veteran’s Day show. Part of the celebration was Jeanne, Jane Tucker, and Norma Rose taking a ride around the track.
    Bruce just shook his head, he doesn’t admit it, but he is so very old fashion. He is particularly behind times when thinking about women who travel or for that matter drives. His mother never drove, that is still his mindset. I suppose it’s good in some ways that he thinks that way since I no longer drive
     One time I told him about Jeanne’s plane going through storms and he thought she should have waited for clear weather. This time I shook my head. This morning I read her comments about driving from Atlanta, to Columbia, SC then up to Bristol, TN. Left Brain drove Norma Rose to meet Jeanne along the way. I couldn’t figure out where, but in my mind, I could see the meetup at a Waffle House just off the Interstate. I figured LB would want a cheap meal. This led to the following discussion:
Bruce: “Wonder what kind of car Jeanne drives. With all that traveling she needs a big safe car, but being a woman that might be hard for her to handle.”
MissDazey: “Remember she is 6’2”, she wouldn’t be comfortable in a small car, besides she has luggage and products to sale. Many times someone is with her. I can’t even imagine how many miles she has driven through her career.”
Bruce: “Well, maybe. I hope she watches out for the big trucks, driving on the highway is dangerous.” He didn’t say it then but I know he wanted to know if Left Brain had checked her car’s tires and oil. (Mr. Bruce worked in transportation over 40 years, worrying about maintenance and other drivers are second nature to him.)
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