Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MissDazey Cooks?

   I am doing something a very rarely do, cook. Not serious cooking, something in between microwaving and "honest to goodness, follow a recipe" type cooking. I put a very small piece of round roast with potatoes, carrots, and such into the oven. I told Mr. Bruce if it isn't fit to eat we can throw it out, won't hurt my feeling at all. 
   Let me explain, Bruce does the cooking at our house. We had this very small piece of beef roast in the freezer, and I got the idea yesterday that would be good to have today. It has turned chilly and a hot meal sounded good. Bruce agreed, said he would put it into the crock-pot early this morning. Well, he got busy getting ready for our little road-trip and completely forgot about it. I said no problem, I'll put it into the oven.
   Here's where the fun began...I have NO idea how long it take to bake an one pound roast surrounded with 2 cut-up potatoes, a few baby carrots, and onions. Checking online just confused me. Secondly, my one hand approach to chopping onions resulted in many pieces landing on the floor. Then when it came time to put the dish in the hot oven, he had to do that. I stopped getting near a hot oven a long time ago to avoid more burns. It wasn't until he was putting it into the oven that I remember I hadn't changed the oven shelves to the proper height. Too late! 
  This is all too, too funny to me. In my other life, I was a good cook. One does not cook for 5 growing kids without doing a lot of cooking. I often have said that my ex got custody of the pots and pans in the divorce agreement. Mr. Bruce actually says he likes to cook, and he is a good cook. (also picky, so he might not eat tonight) 
  We will eat very well for the next three days. We are going to St. Louis and will eat all our meals out.
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