Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye Summer

    I love summer because it’s warm, but this year it seemed warmer than I could even handle. I think it went from winter and running the furnace to overnight needing the a/c on 24/7. I honestly do not remember a summer where I stayed in so much or one that went by so fast. Tell me, where did August go? Its page showed so briefly on the kitchen calendar, makes me wonder if it had other plans this year.
    We have started thinking about our fall schedule, maybe taking a long trip to celebrate Mr. Bruce’s 75th birthday. That doesn’t appear to be possible this year, too many days already blocked out for meetings, appointments etc. We are going to St. Louis for three days the end of September, might have to pretend that’s his birthday. He has to be there for a meeting, so I am tagging along, and my sister is meeting us there. We all love staying at the Ameristar Casino.
    September means baseball season is almost over (sorry Cardinals, better luck next year) and the beginning of football. We watch both college and pro football. It also means the start of school for the grandkids, we like going to their school activities.
    We have noticed the hummingbirds are at the feeder more the last few days. I guess they are getting ready to leave MO for warmer weather. I don’t blame them; south Texas is sounding good to me. Since I know we can’t do that, I’ve been bookmarking some Texas sites and blogs to read during the cold weather months when I need a virtual vacation.
    Actually, I am looking forward to the next few months of writing and such. Mr. Bruce has his plate full with CoxHealth Auxiliary, I have my to-do lists started, and all is right with the Crims. TYF
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