Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank-you Nancy

   I have written before about Mr. Bruce working at Campbell 66 express. For over 30 years, Campbell 66 Express was a large freight company headquartered in here in Springfield, MO. Bruce worked there for over 30 years before they closed in the late 80s. Bruce has one page about the history of Campbell 66 on a website.
   Bruce has a room full of Campbell 66 collectibles and he has donated many items to the Springfield Library Station. Many of these items were used for promotions, marketing such, Bruce designed and ordered these items as part of his position as VP of marketing and sales. The genuine old time items are getting harder to find, although some do show up every so often on eBay. We found this bumper sticker this past week.

   This week he was gifted a big box full of Campbell 66 Express items from another former employee, Nancy P. Nancy worked in the Campbell 66 office in the Dallas area and Bruce would visit there on a regular bases. (I smile when I read one of her emails and she still calls him Mr. Crim.) Nancy had saved these things all these years, and Bruce was happy she did. He was like a little kid at Christmas going through the box, pulling out treasures and sharing stories about them. Remembering why this item was made, who ordered it, and other insider stories about Campbell 66 Express.
   One of the very neat things she sent was a woman’s golfing cap. Bruce said that they often sponsored golfing tournaments or outings for their customers. He didn’t know if Nancy played golf or was a volunteer working a tournament. (We are without a camera right now; I’ll post pictures as soon as we get a new camera) The red seat cushion really excited Bruce, he had forgotten all about them.
   Bless her heart, Nancy sent a couple of things that had to have been in the Dallas office only. One is the cutest little watering can, painted with Snortin’ Norton, the running camel that was part of the company’s logo. The other part is “Humpin’ to Please”. I told Bruce I bet someone in the office painted that and gave to the “girls” in the office to use as a flower vase.
   I think the story about how Nancy found Bruce is interesting—she googled him. I have forgotten the exact facts, but I think she did a search and one of my blog stories came up. But the most important part it this very nice lady took the time to locate Bruce and give him this very important collectables. Thank-you Nancy, both for the things and especially for reconnecting with Bruce.
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