Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet Mr. Bruce

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   I write about my husband Bruce in my blogs and on Twitter often. He is the center of my universe. I have been trying to think of a new nickname for him. Jeanne Robertson calls her husband Left Brain or LB, and I think Bruce probably fits that nickname too. If asked he says, “I’m just the driver.”

  For the next two years, I can call him Pres. Elect, then for 2 years, I’ll call him Mr. Pres. Bruce accepted those positions with the CoxHealth Auxiliary, making a 4 year commitment at the age of 75. He is very dedicated to the work that the volunteers do at the hospital. CoxHealth has over 800 volunteers; it’s a small business in many aspects.
   A bit of background on Bruce: He worked his way through Drury College getting a degree in economics, served in the Army, and then went to work at Campbell 66 Express in their management-training program. He held different management positions, the last being VP of Marketing and Sales. The company closed in the late 80’s; he had worked there 30 years. Next he and two other men started a logistic company. After taking his retirement from there, he drove a school bus for 10 years. (He was also his late wife’s caretaker until her death) He took his third retirement at age 70.
   Retirement and being home all the time lasted exactly 3 months. Bruce doesn’t have hobbies, didn’t know what to do with his time at all. A friend suggested that he volunteer at Cox, but at first, he wasn’t sure about that. He’d seen enough hospitals. He was assigned to work in the gift shop storage area where they receive and ticket the new merchandise. (It is called the tunnel.) That was 5 years ago, now he works many long hours doing several different things from decorating for Christmas to being treasurer.
   I believe that Bruce will go a great job as a leader. He will bring his numerous business skills and many years of experience into every situation. I asked him if he was still going to work in the tunnel, I always worry about his bad back lifting boxes, etc. His reply, “of course, it’s hard to get volunteers to do that.”

Note: While he’s spending more time volunteering, I have more time on Twitter. Maybe I’ll open an online store or write a Dear Daisy column.
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