Wednesday, August 4, 2010


   A few weeks ago, we were sent a link to a YouTube for a Jeanne Robertson video. I had never heard of Jeanie Robertson but the minute we started watching, we were laughing. In fact, we laughed until we cried. Then we watched another on YouTube and laughed some more. Of course, I went to the website and found some more videos to watch.
   I ordered the DVD called “Just for Fun”. We have watched it 3 times, all the way through and parts of it several times more. This is a 100-minute video, but that time goes so fast that you do not realize you have watched for almost 2 hours. A couple of times we had to turn the player off and catch our breath because we were laughing so hard. When I came back upstairs to the computer, I watched one of the videos on YouTube again.
   Jeanne has made 6 DVDs, and of course, I decided I needed all of them. I sent an e-mail to Toni, who is the executive professional that is in charge of Jeanne’s office and explained that I wanted to buy the complete set, minus the “Just for Fun” DVD. Thanks Toni for understanding what I was talking about and getting my order in the mail. I am looking forward to watching all 5 DVDs and laughing and crying at the same time.
   I need to be serious for a very short minute to explain why these comical videos are meaning so much to me. Because of health issues, I have pain, disability, and helplessness. The very first time I watched a Jeanne Robertson video I felt as I have a new friend. It delighted me to find out that she is a year younger than I am. It thrilled me that people in my age group are funny, intelligent, and happy. Honestly, the old saying that “laughter is the best medicine” is so true. Just watching these videos and laughing aloud has improved my outlook 200%. I will forever be grateful for discovering Jeanne. I fussed because I had never heard of her until now. Perhaps though, this is the very time in my life I need these funny videos the most. After all, it’s never too late to laugh.

Note: This is part one in a series of stories on laughing along with Jeanne.
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