Saturday, August 14, 2010

Driving Mr. Bruce

   This cute picture reminded me of the last time I drove the car. It has been over a year ago, I think Bruce is over the trauma. He had to have some dental surgery and of course, he was given knock-out stuff and pain medicine. He was told not to drive until the next day, so either we ask someone to drive him or I had to drive. We don’t like bothering others; also this is an issue that we must address in a practical matter.

   Bruce drives a Buick Lucerne, which is big heavy car. The car’s nickname is Tank, which should give you some idea of how it looks and drives. My first challenge was adjusting the seat and windows, I am a 5’1” weakling, and he is a 5’10” guy. We went early and Bruce helped get my big driving cushion into place, raise the driver’s seat to the highest level, and gave me all kinds of instructions. Only thing was, he had pulled straight into a parking slot, which meant I’d have to back-out. Neither of us thought of that.
   I am happy to report the surgery went fine; 3 hours later is was D-hour. (Driving time) The nurse said to bring the car to the patient loading door. OK, but first I had to figure out how to get the key into the ignition and start the car with my bad hand. That done, I realized I had to back out of the parking spot, now where is the reverse? (Thankfully we have an automatic everything on the car) OK, got to door, Bruce got in, dopier than a Saturday night drunk.
   We had carefully planned our route home taking back streets most of the way, still the first part was on busy main streets. For some reasons the other drivers didn’t like being behind an old woman driving 20mph in a 35mph. Nor did they understand I put my brakes on too soon when I saw a stop light ahead of me. By the time we were on the safer side streets I had gone into a panic attack and was moving along at a 15mph. Bruce had enough wits about him to tell me to press the gas pedal.
   Of course we finally got home and parked Tank into the garage. I swear I heard the car give a big sigh of relief…I know I did.
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