Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Women Added to Household Income

    Women, especially Mothers, seemed to be the practical people of a family, budgeting each week to stretch the household money. For as long as I can remember, women have figured out how to make a little extra money. In the old movies with a rural setting the Mother in the family set aside her egg money. It would only be used for emergencies and something very special. Some Mothers sold vegetables from large truck gardens. Others sewed or sold bake goods.

    I remember my own Mother did several things to make a few dollars. Once she became a Stanley dealer and gave parties. This was in an era the men were the breadwinners, at least in our family. This was long before women’s lib or the term WAHM. My oldest sister ironed…yes, ironed to make extra. I think the going rate was a quarter a garment, and most clothes were cotton. She also was a very skilled cake decorator and though many years did many beautiful wedding cakes. She would save up until she had enough to buy something special for the house.
    During my kid raising years, party plans were very popular. It seems I was always being invited to another Tupperware, jewelry, or Mary Kay party. I actually went to very few because I had 5 kids to feed and clothed. Of course these parties were sales events, but also an important social occasion, great way to catch up on gossip too.
    Several things were stressed to the dealers in the training, but two very important things. First, you are your own boss; this is your chance to build a business through hard work. The second thing dealers were taught were good business practices, basic bookkeeping and inventory control. However, the number one thing to be successful…sell, sell, sell and recruit, recruit, recruit.
    Today most women work or run businesses. Both men and women have opportunities for being in business or just adding to their income. The internet alone had opened doors we didn’t have only a few years ago. I am a big fan of Watkins, eBay, and Etsy, but there are literally hundreds on things out there. Yes, there are untold numbers of scams, but if one does their research you’ll find a good match for your personal skills, talents, and passions.
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