Saturday, July 24, 2010

Porter and Dolly

   We happened onto a rerun of the old Porter Wagoner show on RFD-TV and enjoyed every minute of it. I’d say that show is an “oldie but goodie” but of course, so are Bruce and I. It did bring back so many good memories, especially since we are both big fans of Dolly Parton.

   The Porter Wagoner Show was on for more than 20 years, starting in 1960. Porter always worn his rhinestone covered, custom-made western outfits. Porter sang several solos backed up by his band the Wagonmasters, and sang duets with the female singer, first Norma Jean and then Dolly Parton. Usually there was another C&W guest star on the 30-minute show and of course, they included a gospel song.
   Dolly Parton began singing on the show in 1967. Watching the rerun we had to laugh at this very young Dolly all dolled up with her big hair and fancy outfit. Bruce and I have both adored Dolly from the early days of her very successful career. Porter is credited with giving Dolly her start; however look at all she has accomplished since she left the show in 1974.
   We show our age when we made statements like “that was when you could sing along” or “they don’t make music like that anymore”. That’s OK, each generation has their own music. Bruce and I are just so happy we are in the “Elder Generation” and can sing along with Porter and Dolly.

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