Friday, July 2, 2010

Journey Stories

    Bruce and I wandered down to Branson, MO yesterday for my day out. We wanted to go before the 4th of July crowds arrived, during holidays the traffic is bumper to bumper. I have seen a story about a Smithsonian traveling exhibit that had opened I wanted to see at the Rose O'Neill museum. 
    We had meant to go there first, then have lunch in Branson. This little museum is way back in the Ozark hills, down an almost unmarked road. Anyway we missed the turn and decided to drive around Branson some to see if we could find this one new Mexican restaurant. Couldn't find it, so decided to go to one of our favorites that we hadn't been to in ages. I had intended to write about this little diner, it used to be so quaint and enjoyable. No longer, things have really gone downhill.
   Coming back home heading north we found the road to Bonniebrook, which is the home of Rose O'Neill. Rose O'Neill is the creator of Kewpie Dolls. Actually she was a very well know artist and illustrator in her day, 1920's I think. Her story is quite colorful. There is a short bio on the Rose O'Neill site. 
   The American Journey Stories was excellent as Smithsonian events always are. It is an interactive display on transportation in America from boats and horses to the space shuttle. One section was devoted to the dust bowl years, my goodness, those poor people.
   One super interesting selection was photos and information from "The African-American Migration Experience"  I've bookmarked their site so I can do some more reading and learning.
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