Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Businesses

This is a repeat of a post I wrote for a new blog, one on Business.
I decided it fit into this blog also.

   I have always been interested in business especially small family owned ones. Thinking back over my life, there have always been family members who ran businesses, were selfemployed, or were farmers. (We all know how hard farmers work and that their farms are a business.) 
  Some of my very first memories are of my paternal Grandparents, John and Bethany Hull and their general store in Old Field, MO. It was just like the general store in the TV show “The Waltons”. Attached on one end was an area for feed and ice. I do not know how long they had the store, but my dad always said they gave people credit during the depression years. Grandma ran the store while Grandpa was a cattleman. He bought and sold cattle and could out smart all with his sharp “dittering” skills. I remember as a very little girl going to the sales barn with him.
  I don’t know the history but I do know my mother’s mother also had a general store a couple of different times in the 1920’s and ‘30’s.
  My dad owned a garage and farm for a while when I was a kid. After they retired, my folks bought a small town grocery store. That didn’t work out for them, but they did try.
  My first husband was a bricklayer; together we owned and ran Dickens Masonry. All of my sons grew up working for their dad, usually without pay. It was a family thing, just like being a farmer’s son. One of my sons ran the business for a while after his dad passed away.
  When I had my first paying job, I learned I had a head for business. (I was almost 40, until then I’d “just been a housewife” Oh, do I hate that term) This will be the subject of several “who’s MissDazey?” journal posts. I actually am very skilled and experienced now in both retail and market research.
  I was fortunate to meet Bruce several years ago. Now, you talk about a smart businessman, he is that. His degree is in economics. He was VP of Sales and Marketing for Campbell 66 Express for 30 years. After that, he had a couple of businesses related to the transportation field. And after that he drove a school bus.

Next time, I want to write about KAMO Karaoke.
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