Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Do I Do?

   Often someone will ask me what I do on the computer in general, on the Internet in particular. I have been online for just over 10 years, what is it I do?
   For one thing I simple love it, so don’t need a reason. I started out doing lots and lots of general surfing, as the Internet grew so did my research skills using search engines etc. Research, reading, and learning have always been part of “me” since I could barely read. Being able to research online 24/7 is a big “WOW”
    The one big thing that I have not done, get upset about even thinking about it, is not getting an online business up and successful. But this article is a happy tale, so I’ll not go there.
    Long before I knew the term “social media” I did go a little blogging and read several blogs. I joined a couple of sites; is one I have belonged to the longest. One of the good things about being on Twitter and Facebook is connecting to people. Although I don’t like Facebook, I have reconnected with a couple of lost online friends there.  
    It is a well-known that I am on Twitter 24/7. Well, maybe 20/7 since a girl does need her beauty sleep. I would like find more people over 60 years old on Twitter. Also more websites and blogs by business people over 60.
    One thing I have discovered, you can make some true sincere friendships online. I am so thankful for these people…you know who you are. Angels on you!
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