Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elderly Versus Youth Part 2


This blog post is one I have had buzzing around in my head for weeks. Again, I am writing to help clarify my own thoughts. It has been over a year now since I first signed up on Twitter. I did so to connect with others who have RA and/or arthritis. Very quickly I started reading posts by people in business, both large and small businesses, and especially people who are experts and passionate in social media. Another interest of mine is writing, so connecting with writers and writing teachers was both a learning experience and stimulating.
   At that time I barely knew what social networking consisted of, much less what I was going to do with it. I have found I love Twitter, hate Facebook, and can ignore the rest. I read several blogs on various subjects every day; I don’t always leave comments, but when I do, they are positive. (I also learned I get my feeling hurt too easily when people are critical.)
   I have met some extremely interesting, intelligent, friendly people. These and many others have taught me so very much. A couple or three I’d like to write about tonight.
   Becky and Sheila are remarkable businesswomen. I often wonder where they get the energy, have time to do so much, and always reply to people tweets. They are a perfect example of having real conversations online with others. Each of them has more than one business, sites, and blogs. Here is one they do together:Tourism Currents
   Glenda is my hero, her blog is called "Do It Myself". I can’t express what it meant to me to connect with Glenda. It was during a bad spell of depression, feeling so sorry for myself because I can do less and less. Then I read a tweet about this young woman who blogs with her left thumb. Moreover, is so very cheerful. Gee, maybe there was a way for me to continue being online. Just type with the fingers you have working today.
   Via Twitter, I have met Lisa, who writes about MS and RA. I have met the always grateful Jules, writers Laurie and Jane, and visited with others.
   Oh, there are so many others, and I am grateful to have met them all via Twitter. There is one thing each of these remarkable individuals has in common; they are all young enough to be my daughter. Thanks, ladies for being so nice to this elderly “new Twitterer”, you are teaching me well about the wonderful world of online stuff.
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