Friday, May 14, 2010


   Updates have been cancelled because of lack of updates, full story following naps.

   Seriously folks, that’s about what is happening in the Crim house, nothing to report. A few days ago I started writing a story, making notes really. I thought some wonderful exciting event would happen that could write about. Since nothing has happened I’ll post the notes as is.
   Bruce is watching a mom and pop wren build a nest in the little birdhouse. He has binoculars ready to get a good view when one of his little feathered friends is coming in and out. This has been going on for over a week, and Bruce think Minnie Wren should be laying and nesting anytime now. The one Bruce think is the daddy, aka Mighty Wren, will wait patiently on the flag bracket nearby. For the story about this birdhouse, click here.
   May has been rainy, with some storms coming through. In fact a tornado came through the area this week destroying several buildings southwest of Springfield. Nothing as bad as OK had though, feel so bad for everyone there.
   We are proud of four young family members who are graduating this month. Two nephews are graduating from high school, congrats guys. We are especially delighted for nieces Betsy and Emily who are graduating from college with degrees in accounting. These young women accomplished this while working, also each have a young toddler. (Talk about working 24/7)
   Lost file with oogles of images on it, could have sworn they were on here somewhere. Wonder where???

Note to self: start note taking for next blog a.s.a.p.
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