Saturday, May 22, 2010

Call Me Grandma Daisy

    Our oldest grandson is now 27 years old with a son of his own. When Steve was little I asked to be called Grandma Daisy. I know that some grandparents think their grandkids are the most special, cutest, smartest, and most likely to save the world. I have never felt that way, however, I sure am proud of all 11 grandchildren and think baby Little John (aka Brydon) is the sweetest great-grandson ever. We also have 2 nieces and a nephew that are like grandchildren.     
   Let me back up a bit and explain my family. I was married to John D, had 5 kids who blessed me with 11 grandchildren. Bruce and his first wife adored, pampered, and mentored their nieces and nephew. So when Bruce and I met in January 1998, we had a readymade family.
   The grands are scattered from TN, MN, SC, and here in MO. We were very excited when MN Ginny came to Rolla, MO for college. Last year Steve and new wife Amanda moved from TN to Springfield. Let’s see, that makes 7 living near us now.
   Our SC family seems so far away, but they are good about emailing, calling, and posting photos on Facebook. Grandpa gave them a telescope a few weeks ago, sure wish we were closer to them to explore the skies together. Maybe later in the summer we can visit.
   Alan is our oldest son and lives near here. It doesn’t seem possible his daughter is on her own, in college with a job. Patrick is our baseball star. This year he is again pitching on an American Legion team, we will be going to his games starting in June.
   This brings me to the last 3 grandchildren. Son Terry lets us spoil Billy, Johnny, and Miss Jaclyn. Happily they live close enough for us to attend school plays, band and choir concerts. We cheer them on when their play sports. We even go to Chuckie Cheese for birthday parties. We love it! Everyone has such busy lives, so these are special events for us. Next month we are going to take them to Branson for a day.

Now a word about Grandpa Bruce- he is the perfect Grandpa.

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