Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Celebration, the Trip

Part 1, Tunica here we come!
   Finally, after a month of planning we were ready to leave for the great Tunica, MS birthday trip last Wednesday, April 28. My sister Shirley drove in from KC, got to our house about 8:30am, and we pulled out by 9. The Otts were leaving from their house in Ozark, leaving a bit later than we did. I am not sure who was the most excited to get going, but we were definitely a cheerful group.
   Our first rest stop was in a West Plains, MO McDonalds; also, Shirley had coupons for frappes. Georgia called shortly after that, they were 15 minutes ahead of us. Now how did that happen? Down 63 Highway we went, round a curve, down a hill, round a curve, up a hill. (I try to keep my eyes closed and stomach calm during that 30-minute stretch.) In Hardy, AR we noticed a car like Jack's ahead, could that be them? Shirley called and sure thing, we had caught up with them.
   The rest of the trip was a laugh a minute. Shirley and Georgia were on the cell phones making sure each car knew what the other was doing. Jack had Bruce take the lead since we go to Tunica more often, besides Bruce knows how to get through Memphis.
   Because we were using coupon deals in Bruce’s name, he had to check everyone in at 3 different Tunica casinos/hotels. Shirley stayed at Harrah’s, Otts at The Resorts, and the Crims were at the Hollywood Casino.
   We played for a while, and then went to Paula Deen’s for dinner. That story will be in Part 2, All We Can Eat.
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