Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bruce The Cook

    This image seems very fitting for the story I wanted to tell. Bruce cooked supper and watched Oprah at the same time. The subject on Oprah is “sex”, I’m sure he was listening carefully to hear if they mentioned 74½-year-old geezers.
    Anyway, here is the story; Bruce is doing more and more cooking. He actually is a much better cook than he thinks and certainty better than I am. When we first met, he told me he was good at making salads, toast, and putting things in the microwave. He could make more dishes; after all, he had been the caretaker for his first wife until she passed away and did all the cooking.
    Today he asked me how to make a meatloaf. I don’t have a recipe, never thought of confusing the situation by having him look one up. He did say he liked my meatloaves because I use oatmeal for the filler. I gave him simple instructions, including telling him to call my friend Vannie. She cooks and has “A Better Cook” site and "A Better Cook Journal". It all got very silly for words.
    His meatloaf turned out great, I’m sure he will be making it again. We had corn and sweet potatoes for supper also. (We have supper here in the Ozarks, but we go out to dinner.)
    Speaking of old geezers, this is the first in a series of blog posts I intend to do about The Brothers Crim. Last night I wrote a very short story to add to Bruce’s Heart Walk page. This got me thinking, “I have to write more about those two old geezers”.
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