Monday, April 12, 2010

The Brothers Crim

Bruce on left, Bill on right
   The photo to the right was taken a few years ago, Bruce is on the left. Poor guy, we had been traveling for a week, doesn't he look tired.
   Bruce likes to tell everyone that originally their name was Grimm, but soon after the first family moved to the colonies they changed their name to Crim. The family came from Germany, settling in the Virginia colony. Fast forward to Joplin, MO in the early 1930’s to where our story begins.
   Big brother Bill was 5 years old when baby John Bruce came along. Little sister Nancy arrived 5 years later. Their folks were typical hard working people; mother raised the kids while daddy worked. Bruce’s Dad, John C. Crim started and successfully ran a freight company during the hard depression years. Later, Mr. Crim became general manager of Campbell 66 Express moving the family to Springfield, MO.
   Bruce always looked up to Bill, wanted to tag along and do the same things. Of course, Bill thought Bruce was a big nuisance, especially when he was a teenager. Theirs was a typical family, some good times and some brotherly fighting.
   Bill, aka Colonel William T Crim, Retired, graduated from West Point, proudly serving his country until he retired. Bill and his wife, Claudia, live in GA. Bruce worked his way through Drury College here in Springfield. He went to work with Campbell 66 Express, following in the freight business like his Dad. Both of the Crim brothers are now retired.
   Both had busy careers, each doing their own thing although they have stayed very close. A few years ago, they started doing genealogy together; this has been quite a journey of memories. They met a couple of times in KY to research old records, cemeteries, and such. These were great times, two brothers reminiscing and sharing stories. They spend many hours online or the phone tracking down people and facts.
   Bruce and Bill do take different approaches to genealogy. Bill, forever the Army Colonel, has his records in perfect order, on paper and computer. Bruce has stacks of paper in folders, but in no particular order. (That difference shows in all aspects of life style.)
   Next time I will share about The Cooks, Bruce and Bill.
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