Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Oprah

    Have you ever had one of those dreams that seems so real you woke up wondering if it were a dream or a memory? I did that last night, except I woke up wishing this dream would come true. I dreamed that I was interviewing for a position with Oprah and Harper Studios. At one point in this fantasy, I had one minute to pitch an idea to Oprah. I pitched “Elder Generation” material. In my dream, I was right on point, with just enough humor in my minute presentation to keep the producers listening. (Now that I am writing this blog post, my mind is blank.) I woke up before I knew if I got the job, hope I did.
   Like so many thousands of others, I have emailed the Oprah show several times with ideas for the show, including topics for the over 55-age group. Right now, I have a personal campaign going to get Glenda either on the show or tickets to see the show. (Note: Please help me with that in you have connections)
   One point I’d make to “powers that be” is the living an active, productive, positive life is essential whatever your situation. I am reminded of Oprah’s dear friend Maya Angelo. Miss Angelo certainty isn’t sitting on the porch rocking and letting the young people decide things for her.
   I know the demographics for Oprah are not 55-age and over. The sponsors would not be as willing to run ads for this type programming. However, maybe once a month this topic could be addressed. Here are a few of my “talking points”:
1. Viewers of the show are responsible for parents and grandparents or might be in the future.
2. Millions of active adults over 55 spend tons of money.
3. Healthcare, including Medicare, is on everyone’s mind these days.
4. Everyone is getting older, really, just wait until you are 55 plus.
    Maybe this will never be an Oprah show, but it should be talked and written about more. And remember, I do not call myself old or a senior, I am an Elder!
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