Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Collections or Clutter?

   To put it another way, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Bruce has got hooked on the TV show “American Pickers”. I find it a bit disturbing, so much JUNK piled in people yards and fields. Yes, I have had them in my family in the past, don’t find it amusing.
   Bruce and I have been decluttering this house since summer of 2000, ten long years. It would help if we would stop bring more stuff in the house. The first couple of years I did a great job of sorting out and getting rid of things. Mostly Bruce’s first wife's collections, I admit I did not want her things around. Many were sold either on eBay or put into the auction he had for his folk’s estate. Jane collected camels and collector plates, all gone now. I kept the Precious Moments figurines, although I’ve given several away to granddaughter. Beside the collections were boxes and boxes of things I didn’t want.
   We both love books and rarely give one away. One of our questions when we look at houses or condos where will we put our bookcases. In this house we have a full wall of built in bookcases, another room lined with bookcases, plus a bookcase in every bedroom…all four.
   Bruce has a huge collection of Campbell 66 Express items which will never, ever be sold or given away while either of us is alive. (After that he wants it to go to a museum, haven’t a clue who.) He buys old Campbell 66 things on eBay regularly. These are his memories, they are important.
   Now for my “collections”—my “I can’t get rid of that” treasures. I’ll start by telling about my stuffed animals, guess they are called plush now. I have several of all sizes. I don’t remember having a single one as a child, none until I was over 40. I used to play with my kids stuffed toys though. OK, I’m not giving those up for any new condo.
   I have a stack of Martha Stewart magazines that are going into recycling next week. (After I have reread them, of course) Along with other magazines we both never get around to reading. I have a few head vases that I started collecting a few years ago, just a few because they got expensive. (That’s what I’d like to collect for real) I will probably keep my best “girls” because they keep me company.
   I’ve watched a few of these shows about someone coming in and decluttering. How is the world does a stranger know what’s important to another person. People are all very different, and since we live in the good old USA we can be different. The question remains unanswered, what is collecting and what is junk?
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