Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking Through Colored Glass

Good morning world,
    I know it's cold, very cold, with wind blowing and the chill factor dropping. What is worst the weather is going to get nastier this weekend. I am very thankful I do not have to get more than 5 feet from a heater, can stay curled up under a blanket, plus we turned the furnace up a couple of degrees. All of us elders are telling stories about the worst winter we can remember.

I sent my friends an ecard this morning from with a picture of this Tiffany stain glass window. Isn’t it pretty! I told my sister things had to be rosier and warmer feeling if we could look at them through a Tiffany window. The minute I wrote that I realized I was feeling quite chirper and much better this morning. (This is a topic for my other blog)
    I adore anything with the Tiffany glass look. A few months ago, I told Bruce that I was going to buy myself a new Tiffany style lamp for every gift occasion. Well, Christmas and our anniversary came and the old practical side of me came out and I ordered a pair new shoes. I needed them, being special arthritis shoes they are expensive and never on sale. However, it’s not too early to think about Valentine’s Day. I have several lamps picked out online, but want to go by a couple of lighting stores and look at some others. I understand there is a big difference in quality and pricing.

Perhaps, just perhaps we will get to move this year and I will have my new collection of Tiffany lamps ready for the new house. I am dreaming about that day. Meanwhile, I am going to remind myself to look at things filtered through rose-colored glasses. That will make the snow I am looking at now pink
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