Saturday, December 5, 2009

This Week On Twitter

I spend too, too much time on Twitter. So much I am looking for a 12 step recovery program for Twitter addicts. But before I enter the treatment center for deranged twitters, let me tell about two of my favorite people on Twitter. (Have to make this blog short, will edit and add more later.)


I like Becky for many reasons, her blogs and tweets are always sincere and kind. She has a great blog called "Small Biz Survival

Becky is featured in the December issue of the Entrepreneur Magazine. Part of the article is Becky's "The Netiquette of Twitter: Social Media Do's and Don'ts"  That is a must read.

My second Twitter hero is Glenda

Glenda is remarkable!! Please more about her in her own words on her blog. Glenda has a new ebook with a collection of favorite 2009 blog posts. These were submitted by readers, including me. The profits from the ebook will go to the Union Gospel Mission to help with Christmas dinner. To learn more, please visit Glenda's blog.
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