Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bah Humbug

 There I said it one more time and feel so much better. For everyone out there who loves Christmas, good for you, I am very happy for you. I always enjoy looking at all the lights and Christmas displays that light up people houses and makes the streets and stores so festive. Being a music lover, I hum Christmas carols and I watch all the old classic Christmas movies. Christmas is also an excuse for me to eat too much chocolate. I even believe in Santa Claus.

Someone asked me what my favorite Christmas memory is. Gee, can’t think of one, after all this was my 67th Christmas and that’s a lot to remember. The earliest Christmas I remember was also one of my few memories of my Grandmother Dickson, my mother’s mother. I think I was four and she gave me a toy broom. (Sorry, grandma I never liked to do housewife stuff) I also remember as a child being at my other grandparents and Santa Claus dropping in. (There was a church next door and they were having a Christmas program) Grandpa Hull always gave us kids silver dollars.

When my own five kids were little, there were many happy Christmases. I remember they always got up at 5-6 am, and I hadn’t gone to bed until 2am. When the kids got older, their dad started taking the boys to a movie and pizza on Christmas afternoon, which is the only tradition that has remained with my adult boys.

So why BAH HUMBUG? There have been too many sad Christmas stories and those always seem to come forth, just like Old Scrooge’s ghosts of Christmas past. For many years, I worked in the malls and was exhausted both physically and mentally by December 25. Maybe I am just getting older. Whatever, I am glad to put Christmas 2009 behind me, but watch out world…I am declaring the 2010 will be the BEST YEAR YET!
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