Monday, November 30, 2009

Great Ideas For a Blog Post

The past few days I have not done a blog or even visited and read many. I am in a blog fog. One day I had an inspiration for a fun little story, at least I chuckled as I wrote it. Just as I was finishing the last lines, my computer blinked, hic-cupped, or had acid reflux and spit out my article. I know, I should have saved ever so often, but I hadn’t done it. It was gone. What’s worst, so was my patience of writing that day. I often asked real bloggers and writers, “how do you do this each day?”

Tonight I decided I must write something, below are a few of the titles I thought up. Just the titles, not a story to go with them as that would take thinking on my part.
• How Many Times Can I watch NCIS in a Week?
• Why Do People Retire in Branson? Subtitle, “How many times can one Ride the Ducks and still enjoy it?
• Christmas Parades and Why Santa is Always Last
• Twittering Is Not the Same as Twitting Your Thumbs
Seriously, folks, I have hundreds of the "not too serious" topics. OK, not hundreds but enough for one a week though the winter months. I am also compiling a new list of blogs I want to read regularly. So many excellent writers online, it’s hard to decide. Meanwhile, I'll see everyone on Twitter.
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