Saturday, November 21, 2009

Branson Christmas Show

Do you remember the song "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree" made famous by Tony Orlando in the early '70? I have been singing it since we went to see Tony Orlando at the Welk Theater in Branson, MO. Tony and the Lennon Sisters are performing together in a delightful, fast-paced Christmas show. This show is a perfect blend of Christmas music and their old favorite hits.

The Lennon Sisters sang in the first half, Tony the second. The Lennon Sisters singing today are Kathy, Janet, Mimi continuing the group's 54 years of performing. Of course I was amazed how tiny the ladies are and what how they danced around the stage at their age. Janet has been Bruce's favorite Lennon sister since they first appeared with Lawrence Welk those many years ago. For a couple of the numbers they were joined by 3 of Janet's granddaughters, cute as a button girls who had the Lennon talent and good looks. Kathy and Janet have a line of dolls called Best Pals.

Tony Orlando opened his half of the show with peppy old favorites, including "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" and my favorite, "Knock Three Times". Of course, the whole audience was singing along. After a few numbers, Tony spotted someone who was having an extra good time and Tony asked him to come up. This old gentleman had a full white beard, and yes, when asked his name, it was SANTA CLAUS! Tony didn't believe that, so the little old man left and Tony continued singing. One beautiful and touching song was, "Mary, Don't You Know". Even in his mid-sixties, his voice is as strong and beautiful as ever.

Suddenly there was a voice blooming through the theater, music was played, and Santa Claus appeared dressed in his famous red Santa outfit. The rest of the show Tony and Santa sang, danced, and told jokes. It was marvelous fun. Tony asked Santa how he liked the show, stage settings, music etc. Santa told him the most important thing was missing, and brought out a Nativity scene.

Yes, Santa that is the most important part of Christmas.
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