Sunday, October 4, 2009

Missouri Ozarks

I thought I might tell a little about my area of the world, SW Missouri. We are truly in the Midwest; although it seems to me, we are in the middle of nowhere. I live in Springfield, which is the third largest MO city, St. Louis and Kansas City being larger. I usually tell people that Springfield is a city that thinks it’s a small country town in lifestyles, culture, and values. It is a great place to raise a family with its good schools, colleges, and community spirit.

In the last 20-30 years, it has become a popular place to retire. Many people move here after retiring from both coasts because the cost of living is so much lower. In addition, the pace of living is slower…much slower. Often people returned to the area because they grew up here and still have family in the area. The weather is inviting to most who like seasonal changes. Our trees turned every possible shade of reds, yellows, browns in the fall with evergreen cedars adding color year around. My favorite season is spring, which is when our hills and yards are beginning to awaken with redbud, dogwood, and Bradford pear trees. Of course, there are parks, golf courses, sports and walking trails to keep our bodies exercised.

Branson, MO is about 30 minute from Springfield. It is definitely a tourist town with music shows and attractions. One favorite is Silver Dollar City, an 1880’s theme park that draws several thousands of visitors each year. Another must do thing when visiting Branson is to do the “Drive the Ducks” tour. Don’t forget the fishing and boating in our lakes, Table Rock and Bull Shoals.

I mustn’t forget shopping and dining, plenty of both to suit everyone’s taste. I like going to the outlets, but my preferred place to window shop is Branson Landing. We like to eat at one of the restaurants that are built by the water so we can watch the boats. Speaking of boats, one can’t come to Springfield and/or Branson without going to Bass Pro Shop. Even if you are not into the great outdoors, it’s a place to go.

I’ll share more about my hometown occasionally on this blog. Meanwhile, as they say in the Ozarks, “You’ll come back” and read Elder Generation

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